Monday, September 12, 2011


These are 10 of JANE's excellent OSINT resources for analysts everywhere. Open Source News uses information from IHS JANE'S often to find information way before it appears in the mainstream news media.
10 excellent resources from JANE'S
IHS JANE'S offers intelligence, consultancy and advertising solutions to the defense, national security, law enforcement and transport sectors. The "Jane's News" section is particularly valuable, is free, and offers information that's oftentimes not in the mainstream news media. I consult with their site on a daily basis. "Jane's" is a household work for many OSINT analysts, for it has been in business for over a century and is considered reliable, accurate and impartial in its information and advice. IHS Jane's intelligence is a great resource for the professional OSINT analyst working in the defence, security, public safety transport, law enforcement and for professional in the Intelligence Community (IC).

OSINT NEWS supports IHS Jane’s, for they are the ultimate OSINT supporters of open source intelligence gathering, reporting and analysis.

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