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     A burgeoning number of people are collecting data on the Internet and the 16 resources below may help you find the info you want faster. Finding relevant, accurate information isn't always as easy as the click of a mouse so we invite you to look at the "Further Reading- Our Pick!" section after you're done. Smart OSINT information-gathering off the Internet involves being able to evaluate websites for relevancy, accuracy, and timeliness; to apply basic and advanced search features, such as Boolean operators; to locate and access helpful reference websites; and to know when you have gleaned enough information to stop researching and go grab a beer or glass of wine!
     You also must distinguish between the best types of search engines. That's why (1) below introduces you to a site that lists the search engine sites of many different countries. A trained OSINT analyst in the Intelligence Community (IC) knows how to gather raw data and make it meaningful. They know how to spend less time digging for information and more time putting it to good use- organizing, filtering out the irrelevant, and analyzing the end product. I offer these 16 resources to help you to transform chaos and data inundation into worthwhile and meaningful end products:

(1) Get top search engines in each country! Click HERE

(2) Top military & non-military information! Click HERE

(3) Great source for government information and documents. Click HERE

(4) Global Intelligence News Portal. Click HERE

(5) The Federal Research Division in the Library of Congress. Click HERE

(6) Library of Congress in-depth studies of countries. Click HERE

(7) A great source for OSINT training. Click HERE

(8) A site for OSINT info: Click HERE

(9) Digital National Security Archives (DNSA). Click HERE

(10) Center for Defense Information (CDI). Click

(11) Steps to file a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request: Click HERE

(12) National Security Archives at George Washington University: Click HERE

(13) U.S. State Department's National Reading Room (Type in "Declassified-?" in the Keyword Search, then your topic of interest): Click HERE

     These two sources of declassified info were offered by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous- "Mr. Morton: I saw these two websites you might find of interest. Best Wishes! Anonymous":
(14) Air Force History Index-

(15) Government Attic-

(16) Ever wonder if you, your relations or anyone else of interest have files at the FBI or other intelligence agencies? Click HERE 
Further Reading- Our Pick!
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