Sunday, September 20, 2015


The Pentagon

     Quite a lot of events have unfolded in the shadowy world of international espionage since the last OSINT NEWS Newsletter- volume 1: 9/13/15 was published. In this issue- OSINT NEWS Newsletter- volume 2: 9/20/15 you'll learn about:

·  a C.I.A. agent who was found guilty of espionage for telling the New York Times about a cloak-and-dagger operation;

·  how, for the past 7 years a Russian cyber-espionage group has waged a malware campaign against Western governments;

China's Operation Iron Target has a hit list

·  China's Operation Iron Tiger, which stole trillions of sensitive data from U.S. defense contractors;
  • and...much more. Enjoy! 

Click HERE to view the OSINT NEWS Newsletter- Issue 2 9/20/15

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