Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Who created ISIS? Who allowed it to rise so rapidly?
     Who was responsible for the rapid rise and spread of ISIS? What is ISIS, where did it come from and when did the U.S. know of its existence. Was its rapid rise a result of an Intelligence Community (IC) intelligence failure or an administrative botch by President Obama?

     Much finger-pointing as to who created ISIS and allowed it to fester and grow is going on. This 8/16/16 Issue of “SpyAgency Happenings!” is devoted to answering these questions for you. I perused dozens of U.S. and foreign newspapers and journals to give you an all-inclusive answer to these questions. Here’s some highlights of the newsletter:

·        Senate democrat says Trump and his “buddy” Putin founded ISIS.

·        Trump says Iraq invasion, not Obama, created ISIS.

·        Where did ISIS really come from?

·        Did Barack Obama and Hillary create ISIS?

·        How the U.S. fueled the rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

·        The origins of ISIS- finding the birthplace of Jihad.

      The 8/16/16 Issue of “Spy Agency Happenings!” also has excellent videos on ISIS, including:

·        The rise of ISIS, explained in 6 minutes (Informative video, I recommend watching it).

·        Putin tells everyone who created ISIS.

·        How the U.S. created the Islamic State- talking heads.

·        Origins of ISIS- special coverage.

     At the bottom of the newsletter is a “Discussion Corner” where you can voice your views on who created ISIS. We’d enjoy hearing from you!
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