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Funny thing about OSINT information gathering. Most people do it every day, they just don't know they're using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) analysis. OSINT has been around for a long time, and is the starting place for the CIA's analysts. Unlike Human Intelligence (HUMINT) or Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), intelligence professionals don't wear epaulets with "OSINT" warrior pinned on their lapels. There's no real Intelligence Community (IC) occupational specialties formally named the  "OSINT UNIT". Yet, within the intelligence community, it is  rapidly increasing due to the explosive growth of Information Age technologies. With 3.5 billion people accessing the Internet today, life as we know it is radically changing. Experts estimate there are over 50,000 extremist and terrorist web sites alone.

OSINT NEWS recommends high-quality data mining software tools. SIMCA-P+ has been used by scientists, researchers, product developers, engineers and others who have huge datasets to cope with. Click the mouse a few times and the OSINT data you collect transforms into information you can use. It's user-friendly and has powerful visualization and the Workset Wizard and Analysis Advisor guides you through all necessary steps from data to information. It's easier than Turbo Tax! A  Report Generator creates a report with all the plots and necessary explanations, making it easier for you to add your deductions and conclusions.

Data analysis is much easier with SIMCA-P+.

Everyone is collecting data on the internet and most end up with raw, disorganized, thus inapplicable information. OSINT NEWS recommends that novice and professional analyzers read how to make that information meaningful: to organize, filter, and analyze it. 

Anyone can apply data analysis tools and get results, but without the right approach those results may be useless. Author Philipp Janert teaches you the right approach, how to think about data. By studying his book "Data Analysis with Open Source Tools", you'll learn how to approach data analysis problems and how to extract all of the available information from your data. Janert covers univariate data, data in multiple dimensions, time series data, graphical techniques, data mining, machine learning, and many other topics.

Janert also reveals how seat-of-the-pants knowledge can lead you to the best approach right from the start and how to assess results to determine if they're meaningful.

Yes, the information passing along at the speed of light on the Internet is vast, almost cosmic in nature. That's why OSINT NEWS recommends OSINT practitioners apply these or other OSINT softwares. You want to program your own pertinent knowledge and separate the wheat from the chaff in the expanding universe of Internet information.

Open Source Intelligence Methods and Techniques Training Program
In conjunction with Reuser's Information Services (RIS), IHS Consulting now offers an Open Source intelligence (OSINT) collection and analysis training service. The program enables Open Source researchers to more effectively collect and analyze information and produce better quality reports. For complete workshop details:

The week-long Open Source research and analysis training course is designed to assist intelligence analysts and researchers perform the following core tasks: Deconstruct analytical problems, devise collection plans to answer these problems, Identify and access key sources, Assess and analyze various streams of information, Assess and analyze various streams of information, Understand and assess source bias, Synthesize information and insight from varied sources, Produce open source intelligence products. For complete details, click:

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