Sunday, January 22, 2012


Click to view "Infiltrating Al Qaida" 5-Part Series
OSINT News recommends this series for serious spy buffs as well as professional IC case officers and counterintelligence personnel. Take in this addicting 5-part series and learn about Azar Shareef, a successful member of one of America's most elite special ops teams. He loves his country, has dedicated his life to serving it and accepts the most important undercover assignment of his career. It’s also the most dangerous job anyone on his team has ever attempted.

If he succeeds, he will have his choice of assignments or positions within the CIA… If he fails, he knows he will be horribly tortured, killed and used as an example of how dangerous attempting to infiltrate Al Qaida can be.

Learn how Azar tries to convince his Al Qaida connection that he is legitimate and no threat. Learn how he hides his  nervousness and fear so the Al Qaida leaders don't suspect him of being an undercover agent. Azar becomes the most convincing performer around, for his life depends upon it. He risks everything to get inside ‘The Base’.

How Spycraft has transformed in this new battle we're in! Secret tradecraft techniques and the field of counter-terrorism is an unrecognizable entity from what it was during the Cold War. The lives of many agents are in continuous danger; that's why OSINT News backs this 5-part series, for it reveals how cruel the game has become. There is no honor between rivals on the streets of Beirut or Baghdad—only the most quick-witted survive. A modern spy must blend in, live among the enemy, speak the language, befriend, and exploit the enemy at every opportunity. They are required to be streetwise, rough, tough, and ruthless.
If you are a serious Spy buff, spy genre writer, or a professional member of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), this series if for you. No longer will we use armored Marine divisions to battle Al Qaida. This strategy is not working. The Pentagon began looking for a new way in 2005 and the new Spycraft techniques have expanded into the field of battle and are disrupting jihadist networks in ever more creative ways. This 5-part series brings that fact out.

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