Friday, February 24, 2012


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The Iranian assassination attempts, specifically the botched attempt in Azerbaijani, opens up an avenue for the CIA to infiltrate the institutions in Iran. Spy recruitment of Azerbaijani citizens may be easier than one would imagine. Why? Their brothers and sisters living in Iran are surviving under a Persian apartheid. Azerbaijanis are suffering from an unrelentless barrage of racial discriminations- they're not allowed to   learn their own language, have their own TV or radio stations, or name their own streets, businesses or even their children under Azerbaijani names. The Iranian regime labels the  Azerbaijani language as a "foreign language" and bans its usage without governmental permission!

What an opportunity for the CIA, Mossad, and Western intelligence services to take advantage of and recruit patriotic Azerbaijani's in order to penetrate deep into Iran's discriminating governmental institutions!

Iran's assassination attempts opens the window of opportunity even more for spy recruitment. A covert battle is being waged between Israel's Mossad and the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and National Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran (MISIRI). MISIR is the secret police and primary intelligence agency of Iran, which took over the previous government's security apparatus. It is very well funded and has a history of brutality towards the people of Iran, especially the Azerbaijani's. In 1999, it partook in serial murders of dissident writers and intellectuals and assassinated Iranian political dissidents outside the country.

Currently, a full-scale spy agency covert war is underway- plane crashes, disappearances, cyberwarfare, worldwide bomb attacks...the list grows weekly. Tehran's string of assassination attempts on Israeli diplomats in India, Georgia and Thailand; sticky bombs attached to cars that kill Iranian nuclear experts; the Stuxnet computer worm targeting Iran's uranium-enrichment computer software; Iran's assassination attempt of the Israeli Defence Force's (IDF) representative in India; its assassination attempt of Israeli diplomats in Bangkok, Thailand; Iran's recruitment of Azerbaijan's local thug, Balagardash Dadashev, to kill Israeli school children and teachers in Baku; Mossad's recruitment of the Iranian dissident group Mujahdin-e-Khalq to target and kill Iranian nuclear scientists; the current 11-nation large-scale amphibious wargame (Operation "Bold Alligator") involving 20,000 troops being conducted off the beaches of Camp LeJeune in North Carolina (topographically similar to Iran's beachfront along the Straight of Hormuz); Iran's threats to blockade oil in the Straight of Hormuz...a risky and curious combination of events. 
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OSINT News feels that Iran's intelligence services can and will continue to use gangsters and local mercenaries inside Azerbaijan, and elsewhere, as proxies to further their aims to kill Israeli’s and Westerners. The ethnic-Iranian community of Azeri, which rests on Iran’s western border, has deep roots with Iran and offers the CIA recruitment opportunities. We can create a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The CIA, Mossad and other Western intelligence agencies have an opportunity to use this region as a corridor to infiltrate the Iranian society and its institutions. Iran has an embassy in Baku and a consulate-general in Nakhchivan City; likewise, Azerbaijan has an embassy in Tehran and a consulate-general in Tabriz. Besides the Iranian ubiquitous discrimination of Azerbaijani-Iranian citizens, a seething tension and mistrust exists between the two countries. True, both have had diplomatic relations since 1918, but it’s interesting that Azerbaijan has a visa-free agreement with Turkey, where all visa requirements for Turks entering Azerbaijan have been lifted... but not so for Iranian citizens. In short, Azerbaijan does not trust Iran.
This latest assassination-attempt incident creates opportunities for the CIA to recruit Azerbaijani's. Men from Iran were detained by the Azerbaijan Ministry of National Security for planning attacks on Israelis school children and teachers in Baku, adding to Azerbaijan's distrust of Iran. It was Iranian agents who smuggled weapons and equipment to their paid thugs in Azerbaijan.
No visa-free agreement with Iran! Rightfully so, for Azberbaijani diplomats fear an open-border with Iran will trigger a massive influx of Iranian ethnic Azeri refuges into Azberbaijan. Not so with Turkey, thus the gap in Azerbaijani's visa privileges.
The CIA can take advantage of Iran's political and economic 
instability, their despise of the Azberbaijan culture, and Azerbaijan's complete lack of trust in Iran's intentions.  As Wafa Guluzade, a political commentator close to the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyey, warned, "…planning the murder of prominent foreign citizens in Azerbaijan by a band of terrorists, one of whom [Dadashov] resides in Iran, amounts to 'hostile activity' against our country."

Iran threatened to cut off a critical supply line between Azerbaijan and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic if the visa requirements weren’t lifted. The Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic could be another excellent corridor for the CIA, Mossad and other Western intelligence services to infiltrate Iran. It is a landlocked exclave of Azerbaijan and borders Iran to the south and west. The Azerbaijani people have been divided between Iran and the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan for more than 150 years, yet they have retained their ethnic identity.OSINT News proposes that the CIA elicit the help of U.S. college students of Azerbaijani heritage to work for them when they return to their native country. They can be offered extended schooling in America to become future Azerbaijani-American political leaders and partners. It would enhance their country's self-identity and solidify their attachment to the West, which would indirectly make them less dependent on Iran. Also, there are Azerbaijani communities throughout the U.S. and Canada- the CIA could find recruitments among them, to further enhance their self-identity as a sovereign nation.
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