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espouse the belief that America must  incorporate Great Britain's MI-5 model into U.S. domestic counterintelligence (CI)  and counterterrorism (CT) efforts. Many Americans have a certain paranoia about "Big Brother" encroaching upon their personal freedoms and privacy. However, even though MI-5 has conducted domestic surveillance and intelligence gathering for decades, the representative government in Great Britain hasn't encroached upon the freedoms of the populace. In fact, the service saved thousands of lives during the IRA era and in recent years by disrupting plots by homegrown radical Islam extremists.

***Disagreement exists between the law enforcement (FBI) and counterintelligence (CIA) cultures as to who and how domestic intelligence-gathering should be done, if at all. What do you think? Please take the POLL in the upper right-hand margin.

I believe it should be done, and done by the CIA, not the FBI. In future posts, I will delve more deeply into the need for aspects of Britain's MI-5 model to be adopted into America's CI and CT efforts.

What's your belief in domestic surveillance? Please take the POLL in the upper right- hand margin.

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