Sunday, June 24, 2012


The Air Force Historical Research Agency is a great OSINT resource. They maintain 70 million pages of USAF documents. Currently, over a half million of these documents are available online. It has a handy SEARCH engine, where you type in your search terms.

From their Website: "The Air Force Historical Research Agency is a national treasure whose dedicated staff preserves the important history of the United States Air Force and its predecessors. The U.S. military fully recognizes the strategic value of documenting and teaching lessons learned and operational analysis. AFHRA helps preserve the hard-won information contained in pages of historical records and in volumes of oral histories. Beyond that, support provided by AFHRA regularly helps today's Air Force accomplish its missions and operations. AFHRA also commemorates the individuals and military units that in some cases were called upon to achieve the impossible because it needed to be done."

OSINT NEWS uses the AFHRA site for much research and article-writing, including the story, "U2 Spy Plane Still Spying".

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