Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Today, an article in Russia's newspaper PravdaRu reports that MI5, Britain's intelligence service, is searching for an expert on Russia. In fact, the MI5 website has posted the vacancy that they want to fill. The vacancy ad titled, "Russian Intelligence Analysts" starts as follows: "The deeper you go into a language the more you uncover."
The MI5 ad further states, "Using your specialist Russian language skills and your knowledge of Russia's cultural affairs, history, politics, ideology and economy, you will add real understanding to the intelligence that has been gathered and deliver clear analysis in a variety of ways. Your work will enable us to take a well-informed view of potential threats to national security, including terrorism and espionage." 
The knowledge of Russian is one of the necessary qualities. A job seeker can take a language test right on the website of the intelligence service. "Whether you developed your Russian language skills through academic study, in the workplace or while living or working abroad, you have a genuine passion for languages. You'll thrive on the challenge of applying your Russian language skills on a daily basis to provide expert support to investigative officers," the job description runs. For this job, MI5 needs only British citizens, whose parents are also British. Applicants are also required to reside in the country for the past nine years.
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