Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Retired CIA Spymaster to speak on his new book

Are you like me...writing a Spy novel? If so, here's a don't miss event. The North Florida Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) Chapter is meeting this coming Saturday, on February 23rd. The guest speaker is Mr. Terry Williams, who has just completed a spy novel that contains episodes of his years of CIA experience.                           

Terry was a CIA Operations Officer with over thirty years' experience conducting and managing covert operations in Asia, Europe and Eastern Europe. He served as Chief of Station in Taipei and Ottawa and as Chief of Base in Shanghai. He was the Deputy Chief of East Asia Division for Counterintelligence and did rotational assignments to the FBI and Capitol Hill. Prior to his tenure at the CIA, Williams served in the Peace Corps in Bogota, Colombia, taught at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala City, taught English to helicopter pilots and mechanics of the Imperial Iranian Air Force, and at a university in Tokyo, Japan.

Cooper's Revenge is his first novel and he is currently writing a sequel, Unit 400, to be released this year. According to an AFIO newsletter announcement, Terry is a treasure trove of career experience. His Agency classmates include John Brennan, the DCI candidate we've been watching on TV. Family and guests are cordially invited as well, so  RSVP to Quiel Begonia at:  qbegonia@comcast.net   or call 904-545-9549 as soon as you can so they can get an accurate head count. Call quick!

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