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British traditions and way of life are experiencing tribulations. This fact was laid bare as Michael Adebolajo, 28 and Michael Adebowale, 22, are under armed guard in hospital after being shot and arrested by police after they ceremoniously ran down a British soldier, who was a veteran of the Afghan war, with a car outside Woolwich Barracks in southeast, then attacked him with a meat cleaver and knives before being shot by police. Their motive? They announced to bystanders that they were acting in revenge for British wars in Muslim countries.

British society was also traumatized by the suicide bombings carried out in London in 2005 by British Muslims. It exposed an enormous fifth column of Islamist terrorists and their sympathizers. Under the noses of British intelligence, London has become the European hub for the promotion, recruitment and financing of Islamic terror and extremism - so much so that it has been mockingly dubbed Londonist.

MI5 and the British police approached Adebolajo six months ago to see if he would work for them as an informant. He refused and MI5 left, believing he didn’t pose a serious threat.

The fact remains that both men who slayed the British soldier were known by MI5, Britain’s internal security service and  Prime Minister David Cameron formed a parliamentary committee to investigate the security services' role.
When MI5 initially approached him, they wanted to know if he knew certain individuals, which Adebolajo said he did not. Then, MI5 asked him if he would be interested in working for them, which he refused to do. "We have never arrested him and we have never interrogated him, because if we had arrested him, we would never have let him go because of our experience of international terrorism," the spokesman said.

I believe this latest radical Muslim attack upon the character of the British people is an admonition, a caveat for the moral fiber and social identity of all Western Europe and America…a struggle for our very souls. As I watch the light of our Western civilization sputter, I pray it does not fade away. I only ask that we rise to the challenge posed by radical Islam, that the U.S., England… all European countries…meet formally and create policies and procedures to prevent radical Muslims from ruining our free will and traditions…our very ethos. 
As we speak, in Amsterdam, Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, London and Stockholm, there are huge, rapidly expanding Muslim enclaves in which women are oppressed and abused, homosexuals persecuted and killed, “infidels” threatened and vilified, Jews demonized and attacked, barbaric traditions (such as honor killing and forced marriage) widely practiced, and freedom of speech and religion firmly repudiated.
Meanwhile, most European politicians and news media outlets have downplayed these happenings. Radical Islam uses the Western desire for  multicultural harmony as a leverage to extend their power. The few valiant souls who criticized Muslim extremists and spoke up for true liberal values were systematically slandered as fascist bigots.
Britain’s Adebolajo and Adebowale represent what’s going on in London’s Muslim community. Their gruesome butchering of a decent young man on a serene London boulevard should be a forewarning to all of us living in societies where religion and formal governance mix about as well as oil and water. Whether it be the inane murders of a young British soldier or Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, there is an expanding number of similar loose cannons- radical Muslims brimming with an alienation from and deep antagonism toward an infidel society that they believe rejects them. 

But, there is hope for coexistance and harmony within the Muslim community! A Gallup Poll resulted after conducting tens of thousands of hour-long, face-to-face interviews with residents of more than 35 predominantly Muslim countries between 2001 and 2007. It found that the actions of al-Qaeda do not enjoy wide support in the Muslim world- more than 90% of respondents condemned the killing of non-combatants on religious and humanitarian grounds.

I hope the vast majority of Muslims dwelling in America feel the same way, toward the killing of American civilians, who are "non-combatants". Meanwhile, there is a growing danger of U.S. citizens becoming radicalized, militant Muslims.
Europe’s Muslim fate portends similar happenings inside America.

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