Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The International Crisis Group is one of the top OSINT resources I've run into. I refer to it often. The group is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organizsation committed to preventing and resolving deadly conflicts. It has many prominent Western diplomats and politicians on board from the U.S. and roughly 50 other countries, including America's NATO allies. Here's some fact about them:

•1995, the year Crisis Group was founded
•US$15.5 million, annual budget. Roughly half comes from Western governments. 
•Some 130 permanent staff worldwide, from 46 nationalities speaking 53 languages

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•Over 60 conflict and potential conflict situations covered
•Around 90 reports and briefings published annually
•Over 80 issues of the monthly CrisisWatch bulletin published since 2003
•Over 860 full-length reports and briefings published since 1995
•Over 25,000 targeted recipients of reports
•Over 140,000 people subscribing online to receive reports
•Over 2.4 million website visits annually
•Over 14,000 media mentions annually
•Over 200 opinion pieces published annually

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