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According to a Washington Post article, the U.S. is growing  concerned about the developing relationship between Iran and Argentina. After reading the transcript from a hearing before the Subcommittee On Counterterrorism And Intelligence, I agree with the gist of the article.

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Argentina's populist-socialist head of state Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, according to the Washington Post,  
has permitted Iran to penetrate its financial sector and utilize the nation as a terrorist introducing pad. Iranian reps have  access to Latin America's Reciprocal trade Zones, which run throughout the permeable borders that separate Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. Iran has considerably improved its polite ties with Argentina and various other socialist nations, a step that permits Iranian authorities to distribute influence throughout the area. Under Kirchner, Argentina has started to export huge quantities of meals and agricultural items to feed its starving populace, which has actually suffered under Western sanctions. Little wonder why Iran recently opened a joint chamber of commerce in 2012 in Buenos Aires.

Exports from Argentina to Iran jumped from around $84 million in 2008 to some $1.2 billion in 2011, according to U.S. authorities. Argentina is Iran's 2nd biggest trading partner in the area. Tehran gained access to Latin America and has  developed an intricate "pipeline to relocate improper items all throughout the area," according to Joseph M. Humire, executive supervisor of the Center for a Secure Free Society. These Latin American trade areas assist Iran in washing cash and relocating individuals, military hardware, and various other items throughout the area, Humire stated.

Experts conclude that Iran has constructed a full-blown horror network of spies and senior military authorities throughout Latin America, as socialist nations such as Argentina reinforce ties with them. Iran signed more than 500 trade and polite arrangements with a handful of Latin American nations, contracts worth some $40 billion dollars.

Iranian authorities maintain 11 embassies and 17 cultural facilities throughout Latin America, according to U.S. authorities, and they are utilized as a base for Iran's Quds Force, which is tied to Hezbollah. These arrangements have actually permitted Iran to embed its diplomats and military-backed entrepreneurs throughout the area.

While Tehran declares to run genuine companies and embassies, Iranian representatives silently radicalize the native populaces and utilize their impact to acquire improper military hardware. Ironically, this specialist testimony comes simply a month after the State Department released a mainly classified report that concluded, "Iranian impact in Latin America and the Caribbean is winding down."

Legislators and specialists disagree with the State Department's conclusion, declaring that all offered proof shows that Iran's presence in the area has actually expanded significantly recently. "I seriously question the administration's judgment to [downplay] Iran's presence in your home," Rep. Jeff Duncan (R., S.C.) stated throughout the hearing, slamming the Obama White House for ignoring "the input of our foreign allies throughout the area."

Duncan suggested Iran may be "smuggling individuals, medicines, and tools into the U.S. due to our permeable southern border."

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Iran's access to the transport, mining, and shipping markets has "put a veil over Iran's military program" and recruitment, one expert stated. From Venezuela to Bolivia and various other socialist-oriented nations in the area, Iran has actually grown engineers, experts, and exclusive entrepreneurs who are associated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Experts state that Iran "now [has] a military presence that is extraordinary in the area".

United States authorities have actually found that Iran is moneying a protection academy in Bolivia. The academy, which is training different Latin American forces, was officially inaugurated ins 2012 by Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi, according to the U.S. authorities, who approximate that around 50 to 300 Iranian fitness instructors are posted in Bolivia.

Others cautioned that Iran is rapidly developing a network that reaches nations surrounding North America. "You'll see that development is expanding and getting closer to our southern borders," explained Walid Phares, a counter- terrorism specialist and Fox News analyst, throughout the early morning press junket. 

Iran has actually performed a number of effective terrorist plots in the area going back to the 1980s. Senior Iranian authorities in 1994 assisted strategy and perform the harmful battle of the AMIA Jewish facility in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
The AMIA attack is still under examination in Argentina, where sources state Kirchner's government has actually permitted Tehran to hijack the examination in an effort to comfy approximately the routine.
The Argentinian government restricted AMIA General Prosecutor Alberto Nisman from appearing long before Congress Tuesday to talk about Iran's expanding power in the area. Nisman has reported in the past that the "the AMIA battle did not make up a remote occasion" and needs to "be examined and comprehended as a section in a bigger series." An empty seat with a tag bearing Nisman's name was established in your house hearing space.
What bothers me is that there is a possibility that Iran could detonate a "super-dirty" radioactive bomb inside the U.S. or Israel, via its terrorist proxy Hezbollah. In addition to developing embassies and various other cultural facilities, Iran has actually begun mining operations to discover for uranium, the crucial in a nuclear tool, and various other minerals that can be utilized to construct tools, according to the American Foreign Policy Council's Berman. 
United States authorities figured out that Iran is ramping up its mining efforts by offering both technical and engineering services, generally in Venezuela and Bolivia.
Iran's influence in the region is not winding down; I could find no OSINT that indicates it is.
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