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     The U.S. is on the verge of staging a lightening strike attack against Syrian with cruise missiles. As I labor through the repetitive news on CNN, MSNBC, and FOX, I think back to the words spoken by Al-Quds Al-arabi in 2005, which were borrowed from Saif al-Adel's document entitled, "Al Qaeda's Strategy to the year 2020". I think the bellicose congressmen/women who are going after President Obama for not lashing out at Assad more should read this terrorist manuscript. 
     Anyone who pleads we "robustly" use our military against Assad because of his massacre of men, women and children should become knowledgeable of al Qaeda's strategy.
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     The main goal of radical Islam is to bring America to its economic knees by enticing America to do just act more forcefully against terrorist groups and morons like Assad who are strange bedfellows....but bedfellows nevertheless. As this current crisis winds down, Assad will remain in power and grow even more desperate as each moment passes. Hardly reported in the press, for reasons beyond me, the CIA and President Obama arranged (months ago) to supply the Syrian insurgents with hi-tech, anti-tank missiles through the Saudi and Qatari intelligence agencies.
     Yes, a secret message from President Barack Obama approved raising the military stakes in his efforts to oust Assad. Could that be why, out of desperation, Assad launched chemical attacks against his people even though he appeared to be winning the battle against the insurgents?
     President Obama is "walking the talk" by putting his past threats into reality. A year ago he told the Atlantic Weekly, “It is our estimation that Assad’s days are numbered – it’s a matter not of if, but when.” Then, he told members at the weekend’s G-8 Summit at Camp David, Maryland that "Bashar al-Assad must leave power". Read Obama Supplies Syrian Insurgents With Anti-Tank Missiles 
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Funny, but months ago on CNN I witnessed a Syrian tank and an APC  blown to bits and the nature of the blast lead me to wonder if these insurgent attacks were from weapons other than roadside bombs. I hoped that the blasts were from shoulder-fired, anti-tank missiles ala President Obama, the CIA, and Saudi Arabian intelligence.
     But, back to the here and now. Beyond the pending cruise missile attack, I believe the U.S. will remain acting forcefully without massive, economically-draining, military involvement, like we've been doing. We must make  al Qaeda fail to bring us to our economic knees by the year 2020, as they yearn to do.
     In the long-run, I believe we will equip the Syrian rebels with very lethal weapons. Yes, I know, this weaponry may fall into the hands of al Qaeda and Hezbollah terrorists in Syria, but as we see Assad's jet fighters and tanks blown to pieces, we'll least I will. 
     In the future, I hope to see armed and deadly drone aircraft; special op forces conducting lightning-strike, in-and-out operations from Turkey, Jordon and Israel; and on-going  training and arming of Syrian rebels in Jordon and Turkey. 
Al Qaeda will fail in reaching its goal- that the U.S. conduct a massive ground invasion or that a large-scale NATO troop involvement commences in Syria. That would be their dream come draw us all into Syria and enhance their recruitment while economically draining the coiffures of the U.S. and Europe.
     To avoid walking into this snare that the followers of the  deceased bin Laden has set for us, we should stay the course (After the brief cruise missile barrage). After all, Outside Opposition Forces May Topple Assad's Despotic Regime. I hope the War Hawks in congress don't fall for al Qaeda's bait. Imagine a sequestered America and economically fragile EU expending billions of scarce monetary resources to intervene in Syria with massive military might. I might email our War Hawks the words spoken by Al-Quds Al-arabi in 2005 as a reminder not to fall into the Al Qaeda financially-draining trap that is officially proclaimed and believed all of radical Islam.
     We all grow sick viewing men, women and children shot or gassed to death, lying on the streets of Homs, al-Qubair and Damascus. My stomach tightens in knots as al Qaeda taunts the U.S. into invading another Middle Eastern country. If America and the EU fall for this bait and apply military 
might (an invasion in the radical Muslim mindset), then al Qaeda will recruit fighters to drive out the Great Satan. They will, quite deftly, assume the role of a "knight in shining armor" coming to rescue the maiden from a fire-breathing dragon. Al Qaeda will expand the conflict to neighboring countries and continue to engage the U.S. in a long war of economic attrition. Every disenfranchised, poor, jobless, uneducated Muslim youth with no chance for gainful employment will have a new mission in flock to Syria and kill the foreign drive the Great Satan from their soil.
     Radical Islam has much to lose if we only lob a few cruise missiles their way. In fact, I dread that al Qaeda, Hamas or Hezbollah may do something to provoke us into doing more. They, indeed, yearn for  us to invade Syria with massive forces! Could they sink one of our destroyers cruising offshore? Probably not, they're not docked in a harbor like the USS Cole was. But, their intent is there.
     Could it be that the Cold War mentality still lurks in the minds of these War Hawks? If so, they should read America Needs A Formidable Counterintelligence Network To Battle Al Qaeda. America is battling a radical Islamic 
ideology that is operating under loose franchises in 60 countries. There is no command or control HQ to invade or lob cruise missiles at. These franchises communicate via the Internet and swarm in an instant to attack American interests anywhere at anytime. And, thanks to Edward Snowden, the NSA will be even more handcuffed to listen in. I pray that the 2004 Madrid train bombings, the 2005 London bombings or the Boston Marathon bombing don't become commonplace events inside America's heartland. 
     Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, et al, will win the war if we don't drop our Cold War mentality. The intertwined economies of the EU and America cannot take the strain of multiple engagements with large numbers of boots on the ground in middle eastern countries. Al Qaeda  follows Saif al-Adel's belief that such economically-imposed pressure on the West will lead to a collapse of the worldwide economic system, that will result in global political instability, which will result in a global jihad led by al-Qaeda. Their mission? To install a Wahhabi Caliphate across the Western world. True or not, that is their belief.

Robert Morton, Ed., Ed.S. is a member of the Association Of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) and writes the online spy novel series "Corey Pearson- CIA Spymaster in the Caribbean".  The views expressed on this site do not represent those of any organization he is a member of. Contact him on the Secure Contact Form

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