Thursday, December 19, 2013


TracTerrorism: Breaking news about political violence, the groups and individuals behind it. Their experts scan under-the-radar news sources. Based in the United States
Modern Security Consulting Group: MOSECON provides information, analysis and advice on counterterrorism, energy security and emergency services management. Based in Berlin, Germany. 

Satellite Spy: Get the insider information on military, civil, weather, earth observation, reconnaissance and commercial satellites, spacecraft, earth stations and satcom communications systems.

Spy Eyes: A twitter account that has news updates from around the world about espionage and spying. Steers you to many informative newspaper articles.

Dan Gordon Spy Club: A keyhole into the world of espionage and intelligence-gathering. This site has many timely articles about terrorism, espionage and international spying operations.

Terrorism Information Center: An informative site, it publishes information bulletins on a range of topics related to terrorism, anti-Semitic propaganda and incitement.

Flashpoint: A multi-stream open source intel feed focused on Al-Qaeda and other jihadi movements, international terrorism, Cyberterrorism, and cyber-warfare.

All Things Counterterrorism: This is an excellent blog run by a former CT analyst and academic with background in International Relations. She offers a critical view of the war on terror. Views here are personal, but in-depth and well thought out.

Noah Schachtman: Nice site with articles on terrorism and security issues around the globe. Schachtman was Foreign Policy magazine's executive editor for news and Brookings' Brooklyn bureau chief.

Security Scholar: I like this site! It offers a security and defense outlook from an Australian's point of view. Natalie Sambhi is the editor of The Strategist and writes about military & security issues in Indonesia and SE Asia.

Voice of Russia: I visit this site often for a Russian viewpoint about world events, particularly involving espionage, terrorism, counterterrorism and counterintelligence matters.

The National Security Daily: Has information about national security, defense and terrorism as well as on the environment, politics, society, world, technology, etc.

     Lastly, an effective strategy to study terrorism ad their tactics is to find their Websites and TV programs that support them, or to a lesser extent report on their activities in a supportive way. Terrorist groups know how to use and manipulate such media outlets for their own propaganda. Their are discussion boards and forums that support terrorism as well! Join them and find out what our enemies are up to! They use Facebook and Twitter to extend their global reach. That's why we chose the resource below for further reading. Enjoy!

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