Tuesday, August 19, 2014


     In the latest Association Of Former Intelligence Officer's (AFIO) update, I came across a request by Lt. Cdr. David Gioe, PhD, USN. He needs assistance in his biography of MI6 officer Harold "Shergy" Shergold. Lt. Gioe stated that this legendary MI6 officer, who had deep contacts with the CIA, worked with Joe Bulik and George Kisevalter on the Penkovsky case and even addressed the CIA in the bubble
at the trailblazer ceremony in 1997 on the 50th anniversary of CIA. 

     Lt. Gioe believes that Harold Shergold was the only foreign officer to be invited to address the Agency at this CIA anniversary event. Writing about Shergy is not an easy task for his professionalism and discretion were legendary, according to Lt. Gioe. However, he has been making some progress to this end and Shergold's personal papers and effects have enabled a promising beginning. You can help him to capitalize on this momentum- if you knew MI6 officer Harold "Shergy" Shergold or had any interaction with him at all, write Lt. Gioe an email about it at  dvgioe@gmail.com 
     As a former CIA case officer, Lt. Gioe states that he will do right by Shergy's legacy and his memory and contributions will be chronicled in proper historical context. Further, as a former CIA officer all of his manuscripts have to be vetted before publication so rest assured that anything he publishes will be reviewed by CIA to ensure classified material doesn't enter the public domain. 
     If you can help out in this project, please contact Lt. David Gioe, PhD, USN, he will be very grateful for any assistance you can provide in telling Shergy's story. 

Contact: dvgioe@gmail.com 

Addendum: Click HERE to obtain declassified CIA files on Soviet double agent for the U.S., Oleg Penkovsky

Addendum: Click HERE for transcript of interview with Joe Bulik, where Harold Shergold and the Penkovsky case is discussed.

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