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Intelligence agencies
     FOREIGN SPY AGENCY HAPPENINGS! is a worthwhile resource for professionals working within the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) as well as for authors of spy thriller novels, terrorism and counterterrorism scholars, journalists and serious spy buffs. Simply scroll down the right margin to it, then click on any one of the spy agencies listed. Daily newspaper and magazine articles along with recent journal writings about the agency appear.
     The number of foreign intelligence services increases as we add to Foreign Spy Agency Happenings! each day. We try to focus on the foreign intelligence branches of each country, not on their security intelligence sections. It is difficult to do, because they often overlap or are integrated together. Security intelligence focuses on domestic threats, such as homegrown terrorism and espionage. The foreign intelligence sections are involved in information-gathering (spying) on foreign governments to obtain classified political, economic, military and technology secrets.

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     Some of these agencies have been involved in assassinations, arms trafficking, an occasional coups d'├ętat and other covert operations. For the most part, in democratic societies, their actions are geared to protect the citizenry from harm by employing analysts and by sending trained undercover agents abroad to search for threats and to give early warnings of impending threats to the homeland.
     All spy agencies, when necessary, spy on each other. However, the U.S., England and Canada have an agreement not to. They spend much energy and resources spying upon their perceived enemies to ferret out possible cruel intentions and report them to policy-makers so these nefarious plots can be acted upon preemptively.
     Not surprisingly, much of the intelligence gathered concerns the military capabilities of foreign adversaries. They also engage in counterintelligence to defend their nation against the efforts of foreign spy services to steal classified documents and valuable technological secrets.
     I hope you find the FOREIGN SPY AGENCY HAPPENINGS! resource in the right margin helpful in your pursuits. Feel free to let us know on the Secure Contact Form.

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