Tuesday, March 3, 2015

14 reasons U.S. mosques should be monitored

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According to the Mapping Sharia in America Project, former counterterrorism and counterintelligence agents targeted 2,300 mosques, Islamic centers and schools across America for undercover surveillance.

So far these ex-FBI, CIA and U.S. military agents investigated 100 mosques and concluded that 75 of them should be put on a watch list, for they were hotbeds of anti-Western extremism.

Unfortunately, radical mosques inside America remain under the radar of our Intelligence Community (IC) because they operate behind the sponsorship of the Saudi Arabian government and are backed by U.S. front groups for the radical Muslim Brotherhood, which is based in Egypt. However, Egypt recently banned the terrorist group Hamas and cracked down on the organization which Hamas works closely with...the Muslim Brotherhood.  Yet, the Muslim Brotherhood remains unrestrained inside America.

Although not all of Saudi Arabia's mosques in the U.S. are radicalized, many of them are. In fact, there have been 40 instances where radical Islamists and terrorists were linked to U.S. mosques. I offer 14 reasons for the mosques in the U.S. to be watched more carefully:

1.   Sermons by Saudi-trained imams incite insurrection and jihad.

2.   Anti-Western videos, literature and textbooks are displayed and sold in the mosques.

3.   Women are singled out for discrimination while men mosque members are favored. The women are forced to wear hijabs and separated from men in the prayer halls and are required to enter from separate, usually back entrances.

4.   The imams preach that women are inferior to men and can be justifiably beaten for disobedience.

5.   The imams advocate that Jews are infidels and inferior to Muslims.

6.   The imams lecture their worshippers that jihad or support of jihad is not only a Muslim's duty, but is the noblest way to live.

7.   Suicide bombers and other forms of being a martyr are worthy of the highest praise. The Saudi-trained imams preach that suffering for the cause of Islam, being a willing victim....and being a sacrificial victim are the progenies of devotion to Islam.

8.   Solicitation for financial support for jihad is encouraged.

9.   Mosque bookstores sell books, CDs and DVDs promoting jihad and glorifying martyrdom.

10.              Some mosques inside America serve as safe houses and meeting places for Islamic terrorist groups. In the last decade, 40 cases of these links between mosques and terrorist groups have been uncovered.

11.              Some of the 9/11 hijackers received aid and counsel from the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Washington, DC. which is run by the Muslim Brotherhood.

12.              The Adams Center, a Washington, DC mosque, was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood and is the leading distributor of Wahhabist anti-Semitic and anti-Christian doctrine.

13.               In most mosques where violent literature was found, the Imam actively encouraged the "Mapping Sharia" agents posing as new attendees to study this violent material.

14.              We already have had numerous terrorist attacks and incidents inside America which were influenced by radical Islam ideology. See "89 Terrorist Attacks Inside America."

For these reasons, I suggest the American government no longer refrain from investigating the thousands of mosques and Islamic Centers rapidly spreading throughout the U.S. heartland. After all, the European Union intelligence agencies and law enforcement have undertaken a large-scale operation that analyzes member-state mosques and examines the training and funding sources of the imams.

I believe our leaders in congress and in the White House should begin a "deterrent approach" to the increasing peril of homegrown terrorism and Islamic radicalization by following Europe's lead. After all, the U.S. previously has legally probed and lawfully reined-in other groups and organizations that favor violence to achieve political ends, such as the Weather Underground or "Weathermen", Black Panthers, Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), abortion clinic opponents, Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and the Earth Liberation Front (ELF). 

A growing number of American citizens convert to radical Islam inside U.S. prisons, within 80 percent of mosques controlled by radical imams, and through the Internet. It's time to bring this militant movement to a halt.

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