Thursday, April 9, 2015


 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA): The CIA director gives the  first public glimpse of American intelligence assessments about why Iran's leadership agreed to the tentative nuclear accord last week, saying that Iran’s president persuaded its supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, that their country’s economy was “destined to go down” unless he reached an understanding with the West.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA): A Pakistani Islamabad High Court files criminal charges against former CIA station chief Jonathan Bank and former CIA lawyer John Rizzo over a 2009 drone strike that killed two people. I met John Rizzo at an AFIO luncheon in Tysons Corner, VA.- he even signed his book for me, wishing me "the best" in my writing career.
Retired CIA lawyer John Rizzo
Department of Energy Joint Cyber Coordination Center (JC3): The JC3 was born out of a major cyber attack that impacted more than 50,000 DOE employees. Now, it provides intense cybersecurity and a better understanding of the threats the DOE faces.

Joint Cyber Coordination Center (JC3)
British MI5 domestic intelligence service: Britain’s MI5 security service deliberately covered up the sexual abuse of vulnerable boys in a notorious children’s care home in Belfast, Northern Ireland, an ex-Army Intelligence officer claimed on Tuesday.

Germany's Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) foreign intelligence service: The BND agents in the Middle East report that, because of the large-scale Iraqi counteroffensive, ISIS  now controls just a single oil field in the country. The BND spies also predict that the oil drought will add to the shortages of water and electricity in areas controlled by the terrorist group and will continue to undermine its morale.
Entrance to Germany's BND: Foreign Intelligence Service
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