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CIA Spy meets contacts at Nassau Graycliff Hotel

CIA spy Pearson meets contacts at the Graycliff Hotel

     The Corey Pearson- CIA Spymaster in the Caribbean spy series includes espionage and counterterrorism scenes in lush tropical locations. One is the Graycliff Hotel in Nassau, Bahamas.

   If you like vintage wines, expensive cigars and/or epicurean delight meals, the Graycliff is for you. Corey often meets his contacts at this place and even though he likes Bahama Mamas or Kahlik beer, he enjoys selections from the Graycliff’s over 275,000 wine bottles, the third-largest private wine collection on earth and the biggest wine cellar in the Caribbean.
The Graycliff Hotel houses the third-largest wine
collection in the world!
     The boutique hotel was once a pirate manor and getaway for British royals. Corey ordered one of the world’s oldest bottles of wine, a 1727 Rudesheimer Apostelwein from Germany. What the heck, as a CIA spymaster, it was on government money. He didn’t pay for it…you, the taxpayer did. Just kidding…actually, he drank a cheaper brand for only $400 per bottle.
     Graycliff models the Humidor Churrascaria’s concept (pronounced choo-rah-scah-ree-ah), which dates back to the early 1800’s in the south of Brazil. In short, the restaurant specializes in Rodizio- a Brazilian barbecue method of grilling, cutting and serving several varieties of meats such as chicken, pork, beef, lamb and more. At its Humidor Churrascaria, platter after platter of decadently seasoned, grilled and skewered meats are precisely cut and served, in succession, tableside, alongside a banquet-style buffet of tantalizing dishes ranging from simple salads and bean dishes to savory vegetable, fresh fish and indulgent Brazilian specialties.
The Graycliff's cigar collection is unmatchable!
     Corey enjoys meeting contacts at the Graycliff Hotel for dinner, and takes advantage of the continuous tableside service, unlimited trips to the bountiful buffet and as much Brazilian barbecue as his stomach can hold.
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Robert Morton, M.Ed., Ed.S. is a member of the Association Of Former Intelligence Officers at writes the Corey Pearson, CIA Spymaster in the Caribbean spy series. His opinions are his own and do not represent those of any organization he is a member of.

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