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     After 9/11, a new breed of warrior enlisted into the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC). They are eager to exchange blows with radical Islamists yearning to slay Americans. Most volunteered after 9/11 and the first post 9/11 class was named "Class 11". The CIA had a significant turnover and over half of the current CIA staff are post 9/11 recruits.
     The excellent video with CIA operative Bob Baer (below) talks about joining the CIA. You will glean useful knowledge from it:    
     Some years ago, as a member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO), I gained clearance into the CIA HQ in Langley, Va. for a seminar about the history of the OSS. That’s when I met Susan Gordon, Directorate of Science and Technology. She lauded the new CIA recruits and I wanted to find out more about them. I applied for an interview with Gordon, but a man named George Little in the CIA’s Office of Public Affairs dutifully kept me from interviewing her. His reply: While we won’t be able to make an interview happen at this time, we’ll certainly keep your interest in mind for the future.”
     I never heard from Mr. Little since, but no mind. I'm glad the CIAs counterintelligence policies are being carried out. However, I did find some declassified info using data mining and other OSINT tradecraft. Even though CIA hiring data is kept hush-hush, I did ferret out general information about the young recruits.
     The CIA actively pursues individuals who have traveled abroad and possess language skills relevant to the Middle East, Central Asia and East Asia. As a whole, the recruits are a diversified and highly-skilled group. The average age is 29, a third are women, 12 percent are ethnic minorities, 75 percent speak foreign languages fluently, and 70 percent never worked for the government or military.
     The new recruits are high-quality and patriotic. In one year after 9/11, the CIA had 138,000 applicants from which they selected only 2,000 (Guilsher 2004). Many of them could easily have accepted higher-paying jobs in the private sector. 
     With such a large influx of applicants, the CIA can afford to be more selective and  amassed an elite force unsurpassed in technical and human skills needed to combat radical Islam and global terrorism.
     I found that the number of CIA clandestine operatives doubled in size since 9/11 and their training has been reworked. After teaching and preparation for overseas work is completed at a remote and mysterious place in Virginia called The Farm, the graduates branch out throughout the world. These computer-saavy recruits are America’s first line of defense to counter self-autonomous, leaderless terrorist cells that circle the globe and communicate via internet, fax machine, cellular phone, and courier to plan and quickly swarm together to strike inside Europe and America.     
CIA trainees recruit foreign assets
 at fake embassy receptions
     Ex- CIA Director Panetta did much during his tenure by doing away with discredited policies and restoring the CIA's tradition of providing impartial, nonpolitical analysis, regardless of what the president – or vice president – wants to hear. Since 1999, training in the clandestine service has evolved considerably to reflect current realities (Guilsher).
     The new recruits learn evasive-driving and paramilitary skills that CIA case officers use in Iraq and Afghanistan on a daily basis. They attend pretend embassy receptions and learn how to recruit "foreigners" to spy for the CIA.
Valerie Plame was a CIA NOC

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