Thursday, May 19, 2016


     I hand-picked what I thought were the best recruiting videos created by various intelligence agencies around the world. Canada's Canadian Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS) produced the first one shown below. It shows the human relation skills needed for gaining trust and recruiting assets to work with them in protecting Canadians from terrorist harm. The intelligence officers major role is to collect and analyze national security-related information. IOs work at headquarters (Ottawa) and across Canada throughout their careers:

CIA. The next video shows what life is like being an  overseas Operations Officer for the National Clandestine Service of the CIA: Click HERE to view it.

     Video 3 below played on the Discovery Channel and other channels that professionals may view. It was released in 2006 and is geared to recruit scientists and engineers for the CIA, probably for their Science & Technology Division:


     Wow! This fourth video below portrays strength and "god-like" qualities needed to work for Australia's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). The SIS is, indeed, a capable agency and I have written about it often. The recruitment video below stresses that you can make a career change that enables you to make a difference, where the work that you do will help the lives of all Australians:


The video below was broadcast by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) on Apr 5, 2011. It shows the DIA's professional need for acquisitions, Intelligence Analysis, Polygraph Examinations, Security and Investigation, Science and Engineering, CounterIntelligence, Human Intelligence (HUMINT), etc. It relays how the DIA produces high-quality tactical and operational intelligence for combat forces on the ground as well as for our policy and decision-makers:

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