Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Russian Spies Are Everywhere!

Russian Spy Agency Happenings!: Issue 11/14/16
     In this 11/14/16 Issue of "Russian Spy Agency Happenings!" you'll see how Russian spies are virtually everywhere, for the Kremlin has ramped up espionage activities in most Western democracies. Another article describes how Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) detained two Russian nationals who organized illegal crossings of the border with Finland. There are dozens of articles on all of Russia's spy agencies as well.
     Don't forget to enjoy the three exciting videos in this issue:
  1. A Russian Spy in the NSA: A True Story of Espionage
  2. Russian Spies- Deceitful Beauties: A documentary on a CIA/Double Agent/Spy
  3. The FBI releases their surveillance videos of Russian spy.
     Enjoy and thank you for subscribing to "Russian Spy Agency Happenings!"
Robert Morton, M.Ed., Ed.S. is a member of the Association Of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) and created this newsletter.

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