Friday, February 10, 2017

POLL: Has Putin and FSB spy agency compromised President Trump?

Do you think Putin and Russia's FSB spy agency has compromised President Trump? See where you stand. Comments are also welcome. free polls

        Have Russian FSB spy operatives compromised President Donald Trump? Has Putin’s FSB spy agency, the successor to the KGB, been blackmailing America’s POTUS?  Please take the short survey above and compare your opinion to what others think about this matter.
     Secret memos from former British MI6 agent Christopher Steele, who was positioned inside Russia in the 1990s, assert that Russian operatives have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump. U.S. intelligence officials say that Mr. Steele is a credible source and his word should be trusted. The MI6 agent’s memos were based on information he obtained from Russian sources.

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     Steele’s dossier must contain critical information, for MI6 rushed in to protect him by sending him into their dark, underground, undercover world. He’s disappeared, vanished from the limelight. MI6 is obviously protecting him, like they do for all their agents who find themselves in harm’s way. Many spy agencies around the world, not just the CIA, are chasing after Steele and his secret dossier, which apparently contains portentous and coercing intelligence about President Trump’s financial and personal dealings inside Russia.
     Specifically, intelligence officials believe Putin and his FSB may have compromising evidence that Trump engaged in perverted sexual acts with prostitutes (SVR honey traps) during encounters that had been arranged and recorded at a Moscow hotel by the FSB. Also, the FSB may have proof that Trump is nowhere as rich as he claims to be, since Russian banks loaned him money when other banks would not. His many business dealing with Russia may have resulted in his owing much to Russian investors, who saved his companies from going bankrupt.
     This explosive information held by Putin’s FSB may explain the harmonization on key issues between Donald Trump, his top advisors, and the Russian government. It may also explain why his campaign directly coordinated with the Russian government, which yearned for him to become POTUS.
     What do you think? Has Putin and his FSB spy agency compromised Donald Trump? Did the MI6 agent uncover big and embarrassing information that shows Trump would do anything for Putin to ensure it never became public? Or, is nothing going on? Please take the poll and find out where you stand on this issue.

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