Friday, January 31, 2020

Not all CIA spies are human

The ultimate, undetectable spy! A rustle of oily black feathers settled on the window ledge of a once-grand apartment building in some Eastern European capital. The raven paced across the ledge a few times but quickly departed. Inside the apartment on the other side of the window, no one shifted his/her attention from the briefing papers, or the chilled vodka set out on a table. Nor would anything seem amiss in the jagged piece of gray slate resting on the ledge, seemingly jetsam from the roof of an old and unloved building. Those in the apartment might be dismayed to learn, however, that the slate had come not from the roof but from a technical laboratory at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. In a small cavity at the slate’s center was an electronic transmitter powerful enough to pick up their conversation. The raven that transported it to the ledge was no random city bird, but a U.S.-trained intelligence asset.

Yes, during the Cold War, many CIA operatives weren’t even human. I wonder if the same is true today. Click HERE to read all about it.

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