Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Welcome to the Spy Agency Happenings! newspaper. Here's a list of the past issues and the theme of each:

Issue 10: 01/05/16 It's all about women spies and female intelligence operatives

Issue 9: 12/25/15 It's all about declassified top secret documents

Issue 8: 12/19/15 It's all about COUNTERTERRORISM

Issue 7: 12/16/15 It's all about ESPIONAGE

Issue 6: 12/13/15 CIA cracks half-century of institutional build-up, NBC news beefs up intelligence and national security reporting, why good intelligence prevents war, Jeb Bush talks on national security, cyber espionage reaching record levels, much more!

Issue 5: 12/12/15 Intelligence agencies improve strategy & planning, ISIS threats against Vancouver and Ottawa, tightening Visa waiver program, U.S. at greatest terrorist threat since 9/11, no options for spy agency whistleblowers

Issue 4: 12/11/15 Paris attacks, CIA tips off Geneva police, CIA detention & interrogation program, CIA release of classified documents on 9/11 attack.

Issue 3: 12/10/15 General domestic & foreign intelligence happenings.

Issue 2: 12/09/15 General domestic & foreign intelligence happenings

Issue 1: 12/08/15 General domestic and foreign intelligence happenings

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